Social ROi is the first digital marketing program that accurately tracks your return on investment through offer-based campaigns, online interaction, and in-store redemptions.

Being able to measure our return on investment is exciting. Having a positive return is a game-changer.
— Loyd B., Owner, The Dive

A 4-Course Meal

Social ROi accomplishes the 4 top objectives in digital marketing:

  • Brand Awareness

  • High Engagement

  • Customer Database Growth

  • A Visible Return on Investment


A Self-Feeding Machine

As the campaign ages, it grows on its own. By constantly feeding potential customers into the top of the funnel, opt-ins and offer-redemptions grow larger.

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How Does It Work?

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 1.03.39 PM.png


An offer goes out through top social platforms, existing marketing campaigns and/or in-store signage.

Step 2

A potential customer takes “action” by responding to the post, and their information is captured.

Step 3

The user is immediately sent a message to confirm the offer online.

Step 4

The customer redeems the offer in-store and the loop is closed with their check total.


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