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Social WiFi: 3 Reasons It May be Win-Win for Your Restaurant 

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Social WiFi has been around for a few years and has already allowed many restaurants and businesses to expand their digital marketing reach. But how? 214 Eats in Plano, Texas explains what Social WiFi is and why it may be a win-win for your restaurant and guests:


What is Social WiFi?

Social WiFi is different than traditional WiFi that businesses have provided to their customers in the past. Unlike traditional WiFi where a user is asked to join a network and enter a password, Social WiFi in Dallas offers the convenience of having customers login to the WiFi via a social media account and “liking” or “following” your business. Customers get secure Internet access, get to save their data, free Internet, and get better engagement with your company.


3 Benefits to Social WiFi for Restaurants

By now, you may already be contemplating the benefits and opportunities your restaurant may gain from incorporating Social WiFi, but here are a few specifics:


·     Greater Engagement: Once a customer has logged into your network and followed your page or provided an email address, you now have a more tangible route for future engagement. Many Social WiFi providers will offer an immediate discount or incentive; examples could include “15% off today” or “Free Dessert with Purchase of an Entrée!” But you can also provide future digital marketing offers when customers are in your geographic location or when you haven’t seen them in awhile. 

·     Better Customer Experience: Social WiFi gives you the opportunity to collect vital customer information that can affect the experience in the restaurant. For example, maybe you learn that the majority of your new guests prefer rock music, so you can cater the music in your restaurant to align with that preference.

·     Geotargeting: Why not engage customers when they enter your neighborhood? One study shows that over half of customers would have no problem providing their geographic location if they were given an incentive for doing so. They actually want a company to send an offer, discount, or incentive!


Social WiFi can be a win-win for you and your restaurant guests. Want to learn more? Contact us at 214 Eats, bringing a unique approach to branding and digital marketing for your restaurant and beyond.