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How to Get Food Influencers & Bloggers Into Your Restaurant

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The restaurant business can be tough, and incorporating the right marketing strategies – both online and off – can help boost revenue and drive traffic. 


At 214 Eats – a digital advertising agency for restaurants in Dallas, Texas -  we often talk about the value of online reviews and referrals from friends and family. Another great avenue for reviews? Influencers!


Online influencers – whether they are bloggers or social media influencers – can do a great deal to drive new traffic to your restaurant. But how do you find them? How do you engage with them? Here are a few tips on how to get food influencers and bloggers into your restaurant:


Find the Right People.


It’s important that you seek out the right bloggers and influencers for your restaurant. Start by following food bloggers in your area, and then pay attention to their posts. What types of restaurants are they frequenting? How many views and “likes” are they getting on their social media posts? Do their food preferences align with your restaurant? Step 1 to getting food influencers into your restaurant is to create a short list of people who you’d like to work with.


Engage in Conversation.


Once you’ve started following these food influencers, now you can begin interacting with them! Comment and like their posts. Engage in conversations. These little steps go a long way toward building a relationship - and bonus – create more visibility for your company as others see our posts.


Offer Incentives.


There are several ways you can incentivize foodies to visit your restaurant. Offer to sponsor a post in exchange for a review. Offer free food in the restaurant. Sponsor a giveaway. These are all great incentives that gain visibility on their social media sites and create more awareness for your restaurant.  



If you’re not sure where to start but think a food blogger or influencer could help grow your restaurant business, give us a call at 214 Eats. Our team specializes in restaurant marketing in Dallas, and we’re here to help.