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The Best Way to Handle Negative Restaurant Reviews

Here are a few staggering facts:


People read reviews for restaurants more than any other business or service type. 


85% of consumers will trust an online review as much as a friend.

A drop in “stars” can drop your restaurant’s revenue 4-9%. 

Those are some serious stakes. 


In the restaurant business, negative reviews are inevitable, but when they happen, 214 Eats recommends the following approaches to handling negative reviews:


1.    Thank, Apologize, & Take it Offline


Sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” in the form of a prompt response is enough to negate a negative review. Here’s a simple formula: thank, apologize, and offer to take the conversation offline. Other readers will also appreciate that you thanked the person for their feedback, owned the mistakes, and then made attempts to continue the conversation online and make the situation right.  


2.    Respond Quickly


When a consumer leaves a negative review, they are generally still disgruntled and emotional about their negative experience. A quick response illustrates that you care about customer service and making it right. Have a dedicated staff member or online reputation management team like 214 Eats on your side to monitor and respond 24/7.


3.    Offer Free Food


In addition to owning the mistake, you can incentivize someone to return to the restaurant with free food! Offer a meal on the house, free dessert, or even a gift card. Chances are, you’ll get the person back into the restaurant for repeat business and they will appreciate your customer service. 


4.    Ask Them to Try Again


Instead of just hoping someone will come back after a negative review, actually ask that they do! Again, this can be done with a food incentive, or it can just be as simple as, “Would you consider giving us another chance to make it right?” 


Online reputation management for restaurants is something we specialize in here at 214 Eats and we’d love to help you handle negative reviews with ease. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and see what 214 Eats can do for you and your restaurant goals. 

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