User Generated Content: Why You Need it in your Restaurant Marketing Strategy

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Let’s face it: word-of-mouth still reigns supreme when it comes to drawing new customers into your restaurant. And studies have shown it doesn’t really matter if a person knows the person personally or not – they still value their opinion as much as they would a trusted friend!

This is where user generated content comes into play.


What is User Generated Content?

User generated content is simply online content that is created by your followers. Maybe someone ate at your restaurant posted a mouthwatering photo of one of your brunch offerings. Or someone took a picture at an event you hosted and posted it to their Facebook. These are examples of user generated content that can be leveraged to your advantage. 


Why use User Generated Content?

But why should you care about user generated content? Here are a few key reasons:


1.    It’s Cheap: Who doesn’t love a cheap marketing campaign? User generated content costs nothing and it’s one of the most valuable marketing tools. Simply share or repost a follower’s post and you’re on your way to driving more traffic to your restaurant with little effort or cost involved.

2.    It Humanizes Your Restaurant: This is the branding piece. People love to support a brand they understand and sharing user generated content from behind-the-scenes or a different perspective humanizes your brand. It gives potential customers a taste of what you’re all about. Putting a face to a name is good too, so when you see a positive post about your customer service or your staff, use that to your advantage! 

3.    It Builds Engagement: The more people who see posts about your restaurant, the more others are encouraged to chime in. And the more people engage with your restaurant, the more likely you are to be top-of-mind when they are dining out this weekend.


How do I Find Valuable User Generated Content?

Now you’re convinced to utilize user generated content, but how do you find it? 214 Eats – a digital restaurant marketing agency - has a full arsenal of tools to optimize your restaurant’s online presence, and we’d love to help you spread user generated content as part of your restaurant marketing strategy. Call us today to set up a consultation.