3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Online Reviews

There is no doubt that public opinion of your restaurant can play a major role in traffic and, ultimately, the bottom line! With so many people jumping accessing your website via mobile, it’s more imperative than ever to ensure you’re doing everything you can to drive a positive online presence. Having plenty of verified reviews published online is an effective and organic way to grow your online presence. 

Leverage Social Media 

Consider every positive review to be an opportunity to highlight a positive facet of your restaurant. Sharing your positive reviews on social media is not only a great way to cross promote organic content, it’s been shown to aid in establishing and building credibility. Be sure to include a link to the review site you’re referring you and encourage your loyal customers to leave a review themselves! 

Prioritize Responsiveness  

Being responsive to customer interactions is essential to building trust with your customers. A commitment to responsiveness doesn’t just apply to positive feedback, it’s especially pertinent when responding to negative reviews. Rather than taking offense, process the feedback and do what you can to reframe the exchange in a positive light. 

Incentivize Your Customers 

Developing a compelling incentive can certainly help encourage customers to leave you an honest review. Offer a complimentary special cocktail or a discount on their next meal for every customer that leaves a review of your restaurant.  

Managing a growing business while staying on top of customer interactions with your brand is no simple feat. Lean on the software we have at 214 Eats to ensure that the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build isn’t shattered by a bad review that’s slipped through the cracks and left unaddressed. Getting started is as simple as requesting a reputation management demo. Request a demo today.