The Case for Investing in Professional Photography

Professional Photo.jpg

Imagery is powerful. 

An extraordinary photograph of a well-plated dish can have you watering at the mouth, wishing you could reach through the screen and take a bite. The same can be said of wanting to take a sip of a carefully crafted cocktail you see a picture of. Hiring a professional photographer is a great way to connect with your patrons and present a polished representation of your business. 

Leveraging Expertise 

Professional photographers are just that, professional. Taking the perfect photo extends far beyond the portrait setting on your iPhone. When you hire a photographer, you’re not just paying for the end product, you’re paying for their expertise and creative direction. When they enter your space they’ll be able to make recommendations on facets you may not have considered. An experienced commercial photographer will have a deep understanding of the complexities of photography, and will leverage light, color, and texture to get a photo that’s just right

Brand Consistency 

When you receive your photos back from your photographer, you will now have a ton of content to work to choose from that is both cohesive and consistent with your brand. Having a bank of photographs you can pull from will make it easier to post on social media regularly and send emails to your distribution list. You’ll be empowered to spend less time framing the perfect shot, fiddling with sending it to your email and editing it, and more time nurturing your growing business. Don’t forget to update your website with your new imagery!

Remember, any imagery is a reflection of your business. Carving out some room in your budget for professional photographs will go a long way in differentiating you from the competition while presenting photos that have an emotional and memorable appeal that brings patrons to your restaurant.