4 Essentials of Restaurant Social Media Marketing

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Every loyal patron was once a first-time diner. Leveraging the power of social media marketing is an effective way to drive new visitors to your restaurant. Here we’ve outlined four essentials you can introduce to grow your followers and engagement levels.  

Post Regularly 

Creating a profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can be done in mere minutes. What takes up a considerable chunk of time is posting on your various channels regularly (and strategically). Consider carving out some time on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to sit down and think through what you’d like to promote in the weeks ahead. Not only will that ensure you don’t accidently let weeks slip past without posting, but it’ll make it considerably easier to tell a cohesive story. 

Stay Engaged 

Effective marketing of your restaurant on social media doesn’t end when you hit post, it continues well after your content is published. Stay engaged with your audience by responding timely to any and all feedback, answering any questions, and thanking followers for their engagement. Even something as simple as liking a followers positive note is a step towards nurturing a relationship. 

Drive Value 

One of the best ways to build relationships with your social media followers is to offer value. Keep them in the know of any special offers, events, or newly released dishes by posting regularly. Offer your followers an exclusive discount if they like and comment on your post!

Capture Contact Information 

You’ll find that consistently driving value for your social media audience will boost not only follower numbers but it can help your build up your email distribution list. By reaching out to your followers across a number of platforms, your restaurant will gain more visibility and welcome more new visitors.

Did you know that the team here at 214 Eats manages growing social media profiles for our clients? If you’re looking to boost your visibility and increase your following on social media, contact us!