FreshSites: The Solution for Stale Websites

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There are plenty of buzzwords and suggestions floating around that help nominally enhance an existing website. For businesses that recognize their stale website leaves much to be desired, we present the solution – FreshSites. Our solution to stale websites brings multi-level updates that aim to bring your business’s digital presence to life.   

Custom Design 

Long gone are the days of bland websites, each one hard to differentiate from the next. A custom designed website crafted with mobile-responsiveness top of mind has the flexibility needed to adapt to a range of devices prospects will be using to visit your website.  

Up-to-Date Content 

Having an up-to-date website extends far beyond merely drafting new content, posting it, and sitting back hoping for increased visibility. A website should be updated on an ongoing basis and considered an open-ended project. With FreshSites in your toolkit, ongoing blog content and website updates will be included. You can rest assured knowing that a commitment to Search Engine Optimization remains at the forefront of all of the content our team generates. Beyond merely keeping your website copy up-to-date, our team does extensive due diligence to ensure that your website also remains relevant and secure. 

Bi-Directional Social Pushing

The FreshSites solutions includes integration of your social media platforms, helping to appropriately direct new visitors to your platforms and create oportunities for meaningful engagement. Additionally, the inclusion of bi-directional social media pushing ensures that channels for two-way communication are operating effectively while supporting high-responsiveness. 

The pricing we offer for FreshSites is all-inclusive and set up as a monthly subscription. In addition to custom design, content updates, and social engagement pushing, FreshSites also includes valuable reporting. The insights driven by our reporting capabilities can be leveraged to inform user experience, content creation, and more. 

To learn more about how FreshSites is the perfect solution to your stale website, contact the 214Eats team at 866-466-2144 or