Leverage Google Posts to Drive Guest Traffic for Labor Day


With Labor Day around the bend, now is the time to consider how you can leverage the power of Google Posts to drive guest traffic to your restaurant this holiday. Since they specially target a local audience, they are a far more effective way to attract new guests when compared with traditional marketing efforts.

Identify Your Labor Day Offer

First thing’s first, zero in on your Labor Day offer. What can you offer your guests to enrich their Labor Day celebrations? Consider offering a complimentary appetizer, discount on a favorite meal item or promote a specialty cocktail.

Craft Content

Google posts are graphic in nature and centered around either a brief video or photo, housed in the Knowledge Panel of your Google My Business Listing. Once you’ve identified your Labor Day offer, you’ll want to capture a compelling image or brief video to accompany your copy. The Google Post you create will be relatively small and centered around your graphic so you’ll only require 100-300 words to explain your offer. If you’re strapped for time, you can always look to your existing digital assets to determine if there are any relevant images or graphics that could be repurposed. Remember, keep your content brief and on-brand. Your post should include a very specific call to action, such as order online, download offer or learn more.

Finalize Your Google Post

  1. Access your Google My Business Account

  2. Identify location to target

  3. Select “Create Post”

  4. Determine type of post

  5. Add content

  6. Select preview prior to publication

  7. Publish!

Remember, your post will be live for 7-days so don’t get it posted too far in advance of Labor Day or too late and risk stale content. What are you waiting for? Get to brainstorming!