3 Major Content Marketing Faux Pas

Marketing faux pas, we’re all guilty of committing them. Whether it’s a glaring typo on the homepage of your website or a company Facebook page that hasn’t seen an update in six months, it happens. By avoiding the three major content marketing faux pas we’ve outlined, you’ll be well on your way to an effective content marketing strategy.


Irregular Communication

With engagement on social media platforms as strong as it’s ever been and gaining in popularity, there’s truly no excuse for irregular communication with your followers. One of the easiest (and cost-effective) ways to grow engagement on social media is to post regularly. Has one of your guests left a comment on a recent post or asked a question? Be sure to respond promptly. This is an opportunity to engage with a follower, don’t let it go to waste. The reality is that you won’t always have compelling, fresh content to share. If you’re ever short on ideas, see if there’s something relevant you can share or a community happening you’d like to plug. Riffing off of holidays can help inspire content ideas, too!

Dated Content

Have you taken time recently to audit the content on your website? At any given time, you website should be a reflection of what is relevant today, not three years ago when you originally launched your website. Use your website as an opportunity to highlight any special events, new menu items or information relevant to your guests. As you make updates to your content, be sure that it reflects your brand and isn’t run-of-the-mill copy that will make website visitors glaze over.

No Clear Call to Action

Each time you create a new piece of content you should ask yourself what hour objective is at the outset? Are you trying to boost happy hour attendance at your restaurant? Focus your promotional efforts on doing so and be explicit in inviting your community to stop in during happy hour. Whether it’s a slash in prices or new menu items, highlight what differentiates your happy hour as a component of your effective content marketing strategy!