Best Practices for Creating Top-Notch Video Content

Video content reigns supreme when it comes to effective content marketing. Now more than ever, companies are leveraging video content  to get their brands noticed. Simply put, it has been shown to boost follower engagement and generate more buzz than simple text and images. Before rolling up your sleeves and diving right into video creation, we’ve identified a few video best practices to keep top of mind. 

Have a Plan

While it’s valuable to keep the content you create organic and authentic, it’s still important to have a plan. Going into production, know the key points you’d like to communicate. Having a plan will go a long way in helping you stay concise and compelling. The content you land on should be relevant to what viewers want to see. 


Focus on Differentiation

A video is your opportunity to communicate why someone should visit your restaurant! Is it your beautiful, dog-friendly patio? A unique and flavor-packed menu? Consider what differentiates you from competitors and be sure to communicate any upcoming events or promotions you have in the works. 

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Creating a video can be a deeply involved process. Don’t let all of your effort go to waste. Take time to create a thorough promotional strategy to share your video and get it in front of potential customers. Encourage your followers to share your video to reach new followers. 

Keep it Simple

Especially when creating your first video, keep  it as simple, short and concise. Rather than investing in tons of visual elements and complicating the process with different shooting locations, why not just shoot from one spot in your restaurant? You’d be surprised by the big impact proper lighting and a simple space will have. 

As you prepare for filming your first video, be sure to keep the best practices we’ve outlined above and be sure to have fun throughout the exciting process.