A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Influencer Outreach


The process of identifying a social influencer that aligns with your brand and subsequently securing a partnership can seem daunting at first. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to ensure you’re not committing a major faux pas in the process. 

Identify Your Platform

A critical first step to kicking off your social influencer outreach is identifying the most appropriate platform for your brand. You know your target consumer better than anyone, what platform do they most actively engage on? Whether it’s twitter, instagram, facebook or Pinterest, nail down your platform first.

Conduct Initial Research

One thing you’ll notice almost immediately is that many successful influencers have found success in a specific niche. While you’re conducting your initial research, you’ll want to focus on those with a strong following in your local market who also have niche in food culture or general lifestyle with a focus on restaurants.  

Initiate Outreach

Be thoughtful in reaching out to influencers that you believe to be a good fit. Rather than sending out a slew of blanket inquiries, take some time to craft a custom message to each influencer. Why do you think your restaurant would be a good fit for their brand? What exactly do you have to offer them and their followers? Focus on what differentiates you from your competitors. Be sure to communicate any initiatives you’re prioritizing. Are you making a concerted effort towards increased sustainability? Partnering with an influencer in the culinary space who is also committed to sustainability would be ideal.

Formalized Engagement

Every influencer has different brand guidelines but most seek out partnerships that match their brand, some are very specifically defined. When formalizing your partnership, be transparent about your expectations and be sure to communicate your own brand guidelines as well. The sweet spot is partnering with an influencer whose brands seamlessly mirror one another for the most natural fit.