5 Content Ideas for Promoting Your Restaurant

It’s not uncommon to hit what you might consider a dry spell in terms of content production. Fortunately, a restaurant has almost limitless opportunity for compelling, valuable and engaging content ideas!

Menu Items

Do you have new menu offerings? Let your followers know! Take an opportunity to highlight your most popular offerings and any specialty menu items. 


If you have any events on the horizon, be sure to promote them several times leading up to the event date. Start a few weeks in advance with a save-the-date posting and continue to tease the event. Don’t forget to share photos post-event to show what a great turnout you had. Want to add a charitable element to your program? Consider partnering with a local charity to plan an event that gives back to your community. 

Guest Photos

Take advantage of owning a restaurant during the digital age when people of all ages are sharing their experiences online. If one of your foodie friends snaps a great shot of  their meal, be sure to share it. Don’t place all of the pressure on yourself to generate engaging content ideas when there are so many opportunities to leverage the creativity of your guests.


Whether it’s happy hour or a holiday-related special you are offering at your restaurant, be sure to share information on your specials! Not that you need any reason to celebrate but holidays sure do present a great opportunity to do so. Identify a holiday that your restaurant aligns with and plan a special cocktail or promotional offer to celebrate it. A Halloween contest, for example, is a fun and creative way to riff off of a well-loved holiday while driving traffic to your restaurant. 

Job Opportunities

Service is a huge component to cultivating an incredible dining experience for your guests. Yet finding top-notch talent that fits your company culture is no simple feat. Why not promote job opportunities among those that already love your restaurant? Share job opportunities with your followers and you may just get connected to the next perfect fit.