3 Benefits of Targeted Social Influencer Outreach


Partnering with an influencer has proven to be an effective marketing strategy to boost visibility for brands across industries, the restaurant industry included. Doing so could present a stellar opportunity for restaurants to engage with new prospective guests while aligning themselves with an influencer with a strong following in the local market.

Follower Engagement

In many ways, influencer outreach can be considered the modern day form of the good ol’ word-of-mouth referral. Social influencers invest considerable effort in engaging with their followers to create a long-lasting relationship built on trust. Many followers rely on influencers to qualify and suggest new products, services and restaurants. For the restaurant, this follower engagement can represent a boost in media referrals and an exciting opportunity to get in front of new guests. 

A Fresh Perspective

Succeeding as an influencer requires a tremendous amount of creativity. That creativity is especially valuable in looking at your restaurant through a new lens. An influencer can help bring a fresh and discerning eye to your space, menu and services. They may see a new way to promote a particular menu item or space in your restaurant that you hadn’t considered before.

Content Creation

More often than not, partnering with an influencer will warrant some type of content creation from the influencer. Whether it’s a post on Instagram or a pin on Pinterest, the result is a fresh piece of content carefully curated by a professional. Depending on the formal agreement you have, your restaurant can then share the original post and benefit from the top-notch content created by your partner. Influencers may also include back links to your website or social media page, driving traffic. It’s a win-win!

While partnering with a social influencer shouldn’t be your sole marketing strategy, it can serve as an effective complement to your overall marketing efforts.