5 Tips for Getting Your Business Photos Noticed








Upload Quality Photos that Build Connections

When you are constantly uploading photos related to your business, it will help to create a better experience for visitors. Encourage customers to upload pictures and tag your social media profiles or use a specific hashtag that is unique to your brand.

The more active you are on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, the easier it will be to create new connections and drive web traffic. If you aren’t putting out eye-catching photos, it will be harder for potential clients to get a feel for your restaurant or bar.

Look at Your Highest Performing Content

You should look at the photos, videos and blog posts that have the most views and engagement on your website and social media platforms. Keeping up with trending topics and popular images will help you position your marketing for success in the future.

If a particular piece of content is not attracting any attention, it may be necessary to redirect your attention. Not only should you look at your own trending statistics but you can also take a look at your competition to see what is working for them. Your online presence should never be a copy of another business, although there is nothing wrong with wanting to get an edge up on the local competitors.

Capture the Entire Picture

When you only upload a few pictures of your business, consumers are left to wonder what else is inside. Many businesses make the mistake of only uploading exterior pictures or snapshots of menu items. Visitors often want to get a feel for what it’s like to be inside your restaurant, hence the importance of capturing as much as possible.

One best practice for taking photos is to stand in the back or corner of your business to get the widest view. Don’t just snap a picture on your phone and upload it, make sure the images reflect what distinguishes your place from others. Use different photo effects or editing tools to make the images look professional and highlight the style of the inside.

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