3 Social Media Trends to Follow in 2018

One of the most effective ways for restaurants to reach new customers is through social media. Establishing your presence online involves much more than just creating a Facebook or Instagram page.

In order to captivate your audience’s attention, you need to be using your profile to engage your target market. Here are three social media trends in 2018 that can be used to grow your business.


Follower Generated Content

The power of followers should never be underutilized. Consumers advocating for your offering will always hold more weight in the eyes of your target market.

The best form of proof is the word of other customers. Encourage restaurant patrons to tag your business in their post with a specific hashtag. The more diners who are sharing your meals and events on social media, the more effective your social media campaign will be.

Invite the Competition

Amp up your engagement by posting a competition for a fun prize such as a free dinner, a 10% off coupon or a special event reservation. The competition can be as simple as uploading a picture at your restaurant or using a designated hashtag.

Not only is the choice of the competition up to you, but you also get to choose the prize. Encourage followers to share the posts in order to maximize your reach. 

Build Your Email List

Another way to make the most of your social media strategy is to focus on collecting email addresses for your mailing list. Send special offers and event flyers to your customers on nights that are not normally busy to boost traffic.

Stay in contact with your social media followers both through engagement on your posts and email marketing campaigns. You will be converting first-time diners into loyal patrons!

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