A Dash of Work Creates Tons of Holiday Content

Holiday Cocktails.jpg

While it comes to successful content marketing during the holidays, just a dash of strategic effort will go a long way in cutting through all of the noise from your competitors.

Host a Themed Event

Hosting an event at your restaurant doesn’t have to be boatloads of work. It can be as simple as designating a themed evening and coupling it with an appropriate instrumental performance or cocktail offering. Ugly sweater party, anybody? Hosting a themed holiday event is a great way to drive traffic to your restaurant during the busy season while also building brand awareness. A themed party makes for a great photo opportunity, one that those in attendance are also likely to share – thereby contributing to said brand awareness building!

Embody Holiday Spirit

By allowing your staff to show their holiday spirit, they will foster a festive mood in the restaurant while taking part in the holiday season with their colleagues. Be sure to snap some fun photos to share across your social media channels as any opportunity to introduce your team to your customers should be seized.

Special Dishes and Cocktails

If there is ever an appropriate time of year to release a limited-time seasonal dish or cocktail, it’s during the holidays. Whether you’re putting your unique spin on a timeless classic or creating something entirely unique to your restaurant, this makes for great content. Promote your specials across your social media, website, menu, and e-newsletter. Specialty dished and cocktails are also a great way to jazz up the menu for regulars.  

In addition to opening up opportunities to create holiday content, this time of year is the ideal time to connect with your customers and share in the holiday spirit. Being that we’re in the full swing of the season, now is the time to put the final touches on any holiday content promotion initiatives and publish holiday content.