3 Tips to Creating a Successful Seasonal Google Ads Campaign

Holiday Lights.jpg

It’s not too late to capitalize on the holiday season and get your Google Ads ducks in a row. A successful campaign this time of year is largely a product of getting the right ad content in front of the right person at the right time. We’ve pulled together a few simple tips to help you create a successful seasonal Google Ads campaign.

Create Urgency

When creating your campaign, we recommend establishing a sense of urgency – this is especially critical during the holiday season when offers and incentives are flying at your prospective customers left and right. Consider offering limited time special pricing on a holiday dish or cocktail to create urgency around your offer.

Be Targeted

This is not the time to cast a wide net and hope you catch a fish or two, be targeted in your approach. Give some consideration to the offer you’ve put together and who would be most interested in said offer. Develop a keywords list and be sure to refer to it when creating your campaign-specific landing page and drafting the text for your ad. Ensure that you’re leveraging the power of location targeting by limiting its reach, for example only to those located in your city or those within a certain mile radius of your restaurant.

Record Results

It’s important to take note of the performance of your campaign, especially if you’re running a few different ads. You’ll be able to refer back to this data to inform future campaigns. Take note of which ads generated the most clicks and conversions to gain insights on what keywords or creative direction works best.

Running a Google Ads campaign can be an effective way to ramp up marketing and traffic during the holidays, if done right. Following our three simple steps will get you well on your way. Have any questions? Contact us at 214 Eats to learn how we can help you make the most of your Google Ads efforts this holiday season.