Top 2019 Digital Trends You Should Care About

Things are changing. Fast. User behavior, competition, technological advancements and consumer trends are different this year in 2018 than they were the year prior, and it seems next year we are in store for even more change.

Before you roll your eyes, we’ve made a quick list of things for you to look out for in regards to your restaurant marketing so you can stay ahead of the growing competitive landscape.


voice search restaurants

As our mobile & home smart hubs become further engrained into our lives, so will be the voice-activated “hands-free” search. Klick estimates that by 2020, 50% of searches will be done through voice commands.

Why Should I Care?

User behavior is different with voice search, and with that comes a whole different set of keywords that your restaurant should be showing up for. 2017 Google Data shows that 70% of voice searchers are using natural language vs. snippets via typing, and that means long-tail searches. For instance, speaking, “Hey Siri…where is the closest sandwich shop to me”, vs. typing “sandwiches near me” brings up an entirely different experience…let alone search results. Evaluate these trends, put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and focus on how you are perceived online.


progressive web apps for restaurants

This may be the first time you’ve heard of PWAs, but it won’t be the last. A Progressive Web App is basically a mobile website that performs with the speed of an app. PWA's are not only faster, but more engaging and shown to increase conversion rates. PWAs are immune to network speeds because they store data via “service workers”, which access and serve content up instantly.

Why Should I Care?

We see over 70% of restaurant web traffic occurring on mobile devices. Most of your visitors are there to view your menu and your photos…which just so happen to be the largest files on your site…which means slow load times….which means poor Google rankings. Start thinking about PWA vendors for the near future.


paid social advertising for restaurants

What’s sadder than posting a great photo of your restaurant, and getting 2 likes? How about zero likes. An organic social post has become the proverbial tree falling in the forest. On Facebook, organic reach is down to 2% for the biggest brands, which means 4-6% for most of us, and that’s predicted to reach close to zero by 2020.

Why Should I Care?

Paid ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram show exponential improvement in engagement, have low CPCs & CPMs, are fully trackable, and can be micro-targeted to your niche market. We see some of the lowest Cost-Per-Reach through paid social - only second to Paid Search. Every marketer should combine a paid component into their organic social calendar.


By the year 2019, Tubular Insights predicts 80% of the World's Internet consumption will be video. They also predict that over half of Earth’s population will have Internet access and Internet-accessible devices will be 3 times the Global population.

Why Should I Care?

restaurant video marketing

Your industry is hungry for video content, and much of that is food-related. According to Comscore, 81% of Internet users visited a food-related site in September 2018. Yet only 5% of marketers are using video. This gives you the opportunity to really tell the story of your brand, your food, and why people should put down Uber Eats, get off their couch and come visit your restaurant.