3 Practical Tips for Creating an SEO-Friendly Website


Having a website that can’t be found online is like swimming blindly against a strong current, likely to fail. If your target audience is having a hard time finding you with a simple google search, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever connect with your business. Don’t leave this opportunity to chance, follow our simple tips to creating an SEO-friendly website that drives boosts rankings and drives visitors.

Prioritize Content

Strong search engine rankings hinge on creating valuable content. When search engines evaluate websites, they look to website content to evaluate what your business is all about and what you are offering. A main focus should be on content value and quality, including keyword density. While it may be tempting to stuff as much content as possible on a single webpage, refrain from doing so. Narrowly focused website content with keywords reflective of the subject matter is more likely to capture strong search engine rankings.

Intentional URLs

Though it might seem a detail not to be troubled with when facing a project as significant as a web design, creating search engine friendly URLs helps a search engine’s ability to crawl URLs. Take the extra time to change your obscure URLs to descriptive and brief URLs to boost rankings.

Responsive Design

Most of your target customers use their mobile phone or tablet, rather than a laptop, to browse the web. If their mobile search leads them to a website that isn’t responsive and doesn’t adapt to their screen resolution, they aren’t likely to stay on it. A responsive website will go a long way in creating a positive user experience from the outset of an interaction with your brand.

Search rankings are more competitive today than ever before, follow our three tips when designing your next website to create an SEO-friendly website.