Simple Menu Design Guidelines that Boost Sales


One of the most effective (yet often overlooked) tools that a restaurant has to attract and retain customers is its menu. An effectively designed menu should be clear, sophisticated, and visually appealing while representing the essence of your restaurant. We’ve rounded up () tops for (effective) restaurant menu design for you to consider.

Keep it Simple

When detailing the mouthwatering dishes your restaurant offers, descriptions should be easy-to-understand. That’s not to say that your menu shouldn’t touch on the details of each menu item. With so many diners living with food intolerances and abiding by dietary restrictions, disclosing ingredient details while keeping things simple is increasingly valuable.

Prioritize Quality

Decisions as granular as the weight of the paper used, the font you decide on and the imagery you include should all work cohesively. All photography or graphics should be of high-quality as anything short of that will immediately ding the credibility of all that your restaurant has to offer.

Showcase Dishes

Don’t miss any opportunities to highlight seasonal or promotional dishes that are available for only a limited time. Whether it’s a special cocktail or a menu item only available in the winter, be sure to communicate the time frame in which these offers are valid. Also use this as an opportunity to bring attention to any dishes your restaurant is known for. If you don’t want to print menus seasonally, printing quality menu inserts or designing eye-catching table tents are budget-friendly options for showing dishes.

Confusing menus that are illegible, not graphically interesting or dirty are an effective way to lose your regulars and detract new business. Investing in a strategically created menu can attract more visitors, limit confusion with returning and new visitors, and boost sales.