Failproof Tips for Taking 'Insta-Worthy' Photos

Natural Light.jpg

Navigating the waters of Instagram can be rough to say the least. Our simple tips will empower you to ditch the grainy photos and consistently take ‘Insta-Worthy’ photos once and for all.

Bring It In

Yes, there’s space on your restaurants Instagram page for wide-angle photos. Tight shots, however, powerful can be very powerful. Whether you’re photographing a particular dish or cocktail, focus near the center and try to highlight the most enticing element. Whether that element is an elaborate garnish or a mouth-watering glaze, you can focus your shot so closely that the item your focusing on actually runs to the edge of your photo.

Rough It Up

Your photography doesn’t have to be perfectly manicured and freshly styled. A photo showing guests enjoying quality time mid-meal can be just as moving. Though the food may not be styled exactly how it would be had it just come out of the kitchen, you’ll succeed in capturing the experience of dining at your restaurant.

Leverage Natural Light

While this isn’t always possible, leverage the power of natural light as much as you can. Even natural light filtered by a curtain can provide better lighting than the flash of a phone. Take some time to observe your restaurant through the eyes of a photographer. Identify any corners or areas that may receive better natural light than others.

Use a Camera

There’s no arguing the convenience of whipping out your cell phone to snap a quick photo. That being said, a manual camera has far greater capabilities in low light scenarios, such as your restaurant at dinner. You can still email the photo from yourself and proceed to post it from your phone.

These four tips will get you well on your way to shooting and sharing photos that Instagram would be lucky to host.