3 Tips for Stellar Social Media Marketing

Owning a restaurant in Dallas is a challenge in itself and trying to tackle social media marketing is a completely separate beast. Whether you are completely lost in managing social media or your web presence is existent but not reaching its full potential, we at 214 Eats can help with your social marketing strategy.

Instead of adding hours of work on social media, there are a few things that restaurant owners can do to improve their business development strategy. Here are 3 tips on how to use social media for stellar marketing performance.


Engagement is Essential

If you are posting, posting, posting constantly; your followers will probably not remember all of the content. Make your posts more memorable by creating fun conversations with social media users.

Asking for recommendations will encourage your followers to respond such as with a question like “What new entree would you want to see on our menu?”.

Highlight Your Amazing Staff

Bringing out the people behind the restaurant is a great way to connect with customers. Not only are you showing appreciation for your employees, but you are setting your business apart from the other boring places in town.

Sharing interesting facts about the employees or praising them for awards will humanize the social media profile by making followers feel closer to the business, the service and the people behind the kitchen.

Utilize the Power of Video

Pictures draw people in but videos give you an even better chance to portray your restaurant’s message to your followers. You don’t need a professional camera crew to show videos of your staff enjoying their jobs or a funny skit on the daily special.

The possibilities when it comes to video are virtually limitless, you can spread the word about an upcoming fundraiser, promote a sports viewing event and much more!

Ready for us to help you expand your social media reach? Contact us at 214 Eats to learn more!