3rd Annual Brewery Chili Cook-Off

This weekend Luck at Trinity Oaks will be hosting the 3rd Annual North Texas Craft Beer and Chili Challenge benefiting the North Texas Food Bank! 

For the third time, North Texas breweries are coming together to compete in a chili cook-off! So far over 30 breweries have signed up!

The cook-off takes place on Sunday, February 19, from 12 PM - 4 PM. 

As a requirement, breweries will have to include one of their beers in their chili. So you know every chili will be different! 

There will be 2 winners, a ‘People’s Choice’ award and a winner picked by the judges. The winning brewery will have their chili featured as a special on Luck’s menu for a limited time. 

For $10 you will receive 10 cups and a spoon so you can try the chilis and vote on your favorite! Also, every $10 will get you a ticket in the raffle for brewery swag. Proceeds from the sales of cups and spoons will go to the North Texas Food Bank. 

The North Texas Food Bank is a non-profit relief organization that provides access to 190,000 meals every day for the hungry. In the 2016 fiscal year, they provided access to 70 million meals. The North Texas Food Banks hopes to provide access to 92 million meals annually by 2025.

Guest judges for the chili cook-off include Chef Uno from Chino Chinatown at Trinity Groves, Pitmaster Taylor Morgan from Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery, Chef David Pena from Braindead Brewing, Tiney Ricciardi from GuideLive, Chef Alex Henderson from Small Brewpub, Brian Brown from Beer in Big D, Jordy Jordan from Big D Barbecue and Cowtown Brewing Company, Chef Chad Kelley from Barley & Board, and Sunnye Childers from DFW Drinks Beer. 

Live music will be performed at the event by Paco Estrada and Jenna Clark.  

Come out this Sunday for a time of fun, music, and more importantly, chili!