What makes something "palatable"?  It might be something you're not sure you want, yet are pleasantly surprised when you experience it.  If it's palatable it might be tempting yet tasteful, appealing yet affordable, enticing yet engaging.   Can digital marketing actually be palatable?  Is it something you're not sure you want or need?  

We are here to tell you it is. 

We watch our clients throw their hands in the air from frustration over negative online reviews, incorrect map listings, search engine mix-ups, and daily online input & output about their business they seem to have no control over.  Maintaining a positive and proper online presence requires serious attention, updating and responding that can devour time and daily routine. 

What business owner in any industry has the time to worry about Google updates, content generation or website updates...let alone customers going home to bash you online about a dirty fork?! 

A proper online presence is not something any "offline" business really stresses over.  Nor should they.  We are an offline business, who just happens to provide online services.  After this initial blog post from our founder (hi, it's me), we will be turning things over to our own content writers so we can pay attention to you...our customer.  You should do the same.   

We have a solution for restaurant & bar owners / managers everywhere.  A "Palatable Digital Marketing" program that's tasteful, affordable and engaging.   We have everything you need in whatever phase you're in and for whatever your structure.  

Let us handle your digital marketing. You've got guests waiting.