It's Rodeo Time!

It’s that time again! Dust off your boots, the North Texas Fair and Rodeo in Denton is back! This year’s fair takes place from Friday, August 18, through Saturday, August 26. 

Come out and enjoy live music, both professional and youth rodeos, carnival rides and FOOD, and livestock exhibitions. This year’s fair will also feature the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show, Swiftly Swine Swimming & Pig Racing Show, and the Peterbilt Kid Zone. 

The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show is presented by Coserv. Performances are Monday-Friday (7:00 PM and 8:30 PM) and Saturday-Sunday (2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 8:00 PM). 

The Swiftly Swine Swimming & Pig Racing Show is presented by Hill & Hill Attorneys at Law. Performances are Monday-Friday (6:00 PM & 8:00 PM) and Saturday-Sunday (2:30 PM, 4:30 PM, 6:30 PM, and 8:30 PM). 

There are many different types of rodeos to choose from! The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Rodeo (PRCA) is your typical rodeo. Events include bareback riding, steer wrestling, a calf scramble, team roping, bull riding, and more! The PRCA Rodeo takes place August 18-20. Other rodeos include the TXT Equipment Invitational Ranch Rodeo (August 21), Mutton Bustin’ for the little kids and the 21 and Under Rodeo (August 22-23), and the Bull Blow Out and Cowboy Protection Match (August 24-26). 

The music line-up is outstanding! The fair gets started with the Josh Abbott Band on August 18 and concludes with Tracy Byrd on August 26. Other entertainers include Travis Tritt, Cody Johnson, Shane Smith & The Saints, and Sam Riggs. You cannot miss this!!

The carnival rides are top-notch! All of your favorites will be there, as well as some new ones! Get ready to relive your childhood on the carousel or the go-gator! Catch a thrill on the Kamikaze, Starship 2000, or the Scorpion! 

And of course we couldn’t forget about the food!! Indulge in fried goodness! Share a funnel cake! Savor the cotton candy! Scarf down the corndog! All your favorite fair food is there! 

Take the family, enjoy the music, have a great time, and enjoy the food! The North Texas Fair and Rodeo can’t be missed! 

6 Tips to Enhance Food Photos

Are you constantly trying to take mouthwatering photos of your restaurant’s food for your website? Do they always turn out the way you hope, or do you need help? Have no fear! 214 Eats here! Taking good photographs of your restaurant’s dishes is essential! Follow these tips to ensure good results: 

1. Take Photos From Above

Taking photographs from above enables you to showcase all details of the dish. It also eliminates any background distractions. 


2. Take Clear Photos

I know this is common sense, but think about it! Blurry pictures don’t look professional, and nobody wants to eat food that looks subpar. Keep your hands steady when taking the shot and make sure your photographs come out in focus. 


3. Use Natural Light

Food is often showcased best in natural light. One way to do this is simply take the dish outside to photograph. You will have to watch out for shadows (which you do not want), but if you take the photos in the shade you should get the desired effect. 


4. Clean Up Your Work Area

You know that napkin you used to wipe up a spill? Make sure it’s not in your photo! I know it should go without saying, but make sure the area around your food is clean! 


5. Don’t Fill the Whole Frame

When taking your photos, make sure your dish has area around it. You do not want to fill the entire frame. This creates a more aesthetically pleasing presentation and gives you more space to play with. 


6. Simplicity is Key

You want the main focus of your photograph to be your food. Don’t fill your photo with unnecessary silverware or decorations. Use simple white dishes to enhance your food and make it the star! 

You absolutely want to showcase your dishes and make potential customers’ mouths water! These tips will help ensure perfection! Just be sure to let us have a taste! 

Join Us at The Ginger Man

Looking for the perfect location to host your next hangout? 214 Eats has you covered! Look no further than The Ginger Man Pub in Uptown, Dallas! In addition to a great local hangout, The Ginger Man hosts a variety of events throughout the week, and the year!

Next Saturday, July 15, from 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM, The Ginger Man will be hosting a Belgian Independence Day Tasting! For just $40 you get to taste 8 different Belgian beers with food pairings, guest speakers, and raffle prizes. You can purchase tickets in advance at the pub or by phone (214.754.8771). Grab some buddies and make some plans! The Ginger Man is the place to be July 15. 

On Thursday, July 20, at 6:00 PM is Brewery Night. Saison DuPont Avec Les Bon Vouex Big Bottle Night - buy a 750ml bottle and you get two glasses. 

In addition to fun one-time events, The Ginger Man also hosts regular events throughout the week. 

On Wednesdays at 6 PM it is ‘Bring Your Own Vinyl’ night! The Ginger Man also uses this night for giveaways and brewery partners. July 12 is ‘Be a Belgian for a Day! Duvel Glass Night: buy a beer, keep the glass’ and July 19 Bells Brewery will be in the house. 

On Tuesdays at 7:30 PM it is ‘Trivial Tuesday.’ Play fun trivia to win prizes! 

Every month The Ginger Man has a specialized flight. The July Flight of the Month includes Ommegang Three Philosophers, Ommegang Fruition, Gulden Draak, and Chimay White. 

Some of the exciting annual events The Ginger Man hosts include the Valentine’s Day Beer and Chocolate Tasting, Texas Independence Day Cook-Offs, Saint Patrick’s Day Party, Memorial Day Party, Belgium Independence Day Tasting (July 15), Labor Day Party, Oktoberfest Kickoff Party, and a special Holiday Tasting. 

Taste 13 Unique Beers THIS Wednesday!

June is almost over! Looking for a midweek summer treat? 214 Eats knows just the spot! Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine - Cityline is hosting a Mexican Beer Tasting! 

Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine first opened as an upscale Tex-Mex restaurant in 2005. Founder, Fernando Padilla, initially used influences from Mexico City for his entrees, but now Fernando’s offers both “classic” and Mexico City inspired entrees. 

Padilla states a successful restaurant offers “great food with great service and great atmosphere,” so that’s what he aims to bring everyday to Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine. In addition to Mexican Beer, Fernando’s offers a full service bar. You will not be missing any desired beverage. 

This Wednesday, June 28, 2017, from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine (1250 State Street, #100, Richardson, TX 75082) will be hosting a Mexican Beer Tasting. You, and however many friends you brings, will be able to taste all 13 Mexican Beers Fernando’s offers for just $20 a person. You will also be able to enjoy appetizers and a take home gift! 

Space is limited, so be sure to get your ticket today! 

So grab some friends and head on out to Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine - Cityline THIS Wednesday! Summer only comes once a year, it deserves to be celebrated! 

Can’t make it this Wednesday? No worries! Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine has an incredible Happy Hour Monday through Fridays. From 11:00 AM - 6:30 PM you can enjoy frozen and on-the-rocks margaritas in addition to discounted cocktails, beer, and wine. 

If that isn’t enough, Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine offers an incredible brunch special Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. All brunch drinks are $3.75 (brunch drinks include mimosas, bloody marys, margarita swirls, house margaritas, screwdrivers, frozen blueberry mojitos, and more)! Get to Fernando’s and get your brunch on! 

How to Partner with Bloggers to Bring in More Customers

Working to create an online presence can be hard work. Research, put out by Twitter, states that 49% of survey responders trust social media personalities and bloggers when it comes to investing in a service or product. 

So how do you go about connecting and including bloggers and social media personalities with your restaurant? 214 Eats, an expert in restaurant online reputation management, restaurant social marketing, and search engine optimization, has just the tools for you!

Offering Samples = Reviews

One of the best way to connect bloggers and social media personalities with your restaurant is to simply offer them free food! Do your research and select foodie bloggers that are specifically interested in your genre. Are you a mainstream restaurant? Or do you offer something more selective? Choose foodie bloggers that fit your style! 

Often this will encourage the bloggers to write a review of your restaurant. This is where you will gain customers. If the blogger loves your style and what you serve, you can bet your restaurant will be flowing with a slew of brand new customers very soon! 


Sponsor a Blog Post

One way to ensure the blogger writes about your restaurant is to pay them to write a “sponsored post.” A sponsored blog post is written by the blogger in their own voice expressing their own views of your food and restaurant (so you better make sure they enjoy themselves). The blogger will include an anecdote that states the blog was sponsored, but that the views are their own. 

Readers, and potential customers, will enjoy reading what the blogger has to say in their own words, and you will gain new customers. I’d call that a win! 


Free Stuff! 

Sending a blogger free food or paying them to write about your restaurant may not always be the answer. Maybe you need to work with the blogger to giveaway coupons, a date night, or restaurant merchandise, to their readers. This not only puts your restaurant on people’s radar, but it drums up excitement! 

You need to ensure your giveaway is something people will actually want. Who doesn’t love a free date night? Maybe you can offer a t-shirt and coupons? Whatever it is, work with the blogger to decide what is best! 


Is this just too much for you to take on? Have no fear! Let 214 Eats take care of it for you! 214 Eats specializes in social marketing, online reputation management, search engine optimization,  and dynamic websites for restaurants! Contact 214 Eats today! 

Brew the Cure: See You There!

At 214 Eats, what do we love more than food? Food with a cause! We love supporting a fantastic organization while enjoying good eats! 

The Young Leadership Committee of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is hosting its 5th Annual Brew the Cure on Saturday, June 3, 2017 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Henderson Tap House in Dallas. 

This awesome event will feature phenomenal live music, a continuous pour of incredible local brews, yummy food, exciting raffle prizes, and tons of fun! Since the event started in 2012, Brew the Cure has raised more than $80,000 to support JDRF’s cause. 

Sponsors for this year’s Brew the Cure include the Orix Foundation and CMS Strategic Partners. 

JDRF is the leading global organization focused on fighting type 1 diabetes research. Currently, there is no cure for type 1 diabetes, and no way to prevent it. JDRF funds research that drives scientific progress to deliver new treatments and therapies for those that live with the reality of type 1 diabetes. 

JDRF helps to identify and invest in therapies that prove promising in their early stages. “This investment strategy ensures that the most life-changing breakthroughs can make it through the long research, development and delivery process and get to people living with type 1 diabetes sooner.” 

JDRF also hopes to develop a vaccination that will hopefully prevent type 1 diabetes from the beginning. The vaccine would prevent the autoimmune attack on the cells that produce insulin. JDRF is also working towards therapies that can prevent people with type 1 diabetes from becoming dependent on insulin therapy. 

Individual tickets for the event are $30. To buy tickets, click here. Tickets include free beer (3 tickets each), yummy food (light buffet), exciting raffle prizes, and live entertainment! 

Henderson Tap House is located at 2323 N Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX75206. 

Food, Beer, Good Cause? See you there! 

Wine & Shopping This Thursday!

CiboDivino Marketplace is teaming up with J Vineyards to bring you an incredible night of wine tasting and shopping on Thursday, June 1, from 5:30 - 8:30 PM. Wine and shopping! You cannot go wrong! 214 Eats approved! 

The evening will include a tasting, guided by a professional, of various J Vineyards wines. Guests can then browse CiboDivino’s incredible selection of authentic Italian goods in their market area, or they can grab a glass of wine from J Vineyards and head over to enjoy a hand-crafted dinner created by chef Daniele Puleo. 

CiboDivino means Divine Foods which is what CiboDivino strives to provide their neighbors. The CiboDivino Marketplace was inspired by the Mercati di Piazzas in Italy where people gather together and are able to shop for fresh produce and foods. CiboDivino Marketplace is “committed to providing authentic Italian prepared foods, Pizza Napoletana, an eclectic section of wine, local craft beers along with specialty meats, cheeses and grocery items from around the world.” 

J Vineyards is a California based winery that has developed a reputation “as a rare American winery with both superlative sparkling and varietal wines.” They are known for their world-class hospitality, contemporary winery, and estate vineyards. By putting dual focus on sparkling wines and varietals, J Vineyards’ has been able to put together a unique portfolio that offers a variety of wines. Wines that are sophisticated, wines that are food-friendly, and wines for all occasions. 

CiboDivino Marketplace is located at 1868 Sylvan Avenue, Suite #D-100, Dallas, TX75208. The wine tasting is complimentary to every guest over the drinking age, and is available from 5:30 - 8:30 PM. 

Grab some girlfriends, grab your friends who LOVE Italian food, or just grab yourself, and get on over to CiboDibino Marketplace this Thursday! You won’t want to miss out on this free wine tasting! 

Memorial Day Brunch!

Mornings, especially holiday mornings, are for brunchin’! Are we right? Yes. We’re right. 

Head over to Mudhen Meat and Greens on Monday, May 29, from 11 AM - 4 PM for their Memorial Day Brunch Fest! Yummy food, booze, and music? 214 Eats approves! 

Only $20.00 and you get a large buffet, live music, and a PETTING ZOO! The petting zoo will include small goats, sheep, ducks, lil piggies, and chickens! If the petting zoo didn’t sell you, we don’t know what will! 

The buffet includes whole wheat pancakes with all the fixings, applewood bacon, chicken sausage, sweet potato mash, vegetable egg scramble, stuffed avocado, and assorted pastries! Yum! 

For an additional $6 you get the ‘Build Your Own Bloody Mary’ or ‘Double Mimosa’ Bar. 

Falster Farm, HOLY Kombucha, and Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters will be on site with demos and samples! Seriously guys, you do NOT want to miss this!

Mudhen Meat and Greens cares about what you put in your body. They strive to provide high quality foods that taste good, feel good, and won’t kill you. They offer a large assortment of healthful options, but don’t identify as a health food restaurant! If you don’t care about healthy eating, their food is still amazing! And you will still feel good when you leave! 

Mudhen Meat and Green is located at 900 South Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201. 

So grab your friends, your family, your mailman, your neighbor (grab everyone!) and make sure you are brunchin’ this Memorial Day at Mudhen Meat and Greens! You will love the food! Your neighbor will love the live music! Your kids (or just you, we won’t judge) will love the petting zoo! Your friends will love the Bloody Mary or Mimosa bar! Your mailman will love the samples and demos! There’s something for everyone! 

See you there! 

5 Steps to Gaining Online Reviews

It’s no secret that positive online reviews can have a huge impact on your restaurant’s sales and customer retention. More and more, customers are going online first before trying out new restaurants. 

Interested in improving your restaurant’s online reviews? 214 Eats is here to help! 214 Eats provides an end-to-end digital marketing program for restaurants and bars. Follow these 5 steps to improve your restaurant’s online reputation and increase your positive reviews. 


1. Just Ask! 

Many people won’t even think to write a review. Have your waiters or cashiers ask customers to write a review while they are checking out. Customers will be able to remember their experience and, don’t worry, research shows around 85% of reviews are positive! 


2. Quickly Respond to Negative Reviews

If a negative review shows up, don’t worry, but you will need to address it right away. You don’t want a customer to grow even more angry the longer they have to wait for a reply. Be kind and respectful to the reviewer, and let them know how you can remedy the problem. 


3. Highlight Positive Reviews

When someone gives you a glowing review, show it off! Share it on your restaurant’s website or social media page. Potential customers will see it and be more likely to come in and enjoy your restaurant! 


4. Utilize Social Media

Many social media websites make it easy for customers to review your restaurant. Utilizing all major social media outlets will bring in more customers and create more reviews. Post links to popular review sites so customers can easily write a review. 


5. Simplicity is Key

Make it easy for customers to write a review. If it’s complicated, customers will give up and never finish. Use an online reputation management platform (like 214 Eats!) to make the process easy and simple. 


Sound like maybe a little too much? Have no fear! 214 Eats is here! 214 Eats is excited to provide you with expert online reputation management for your restaurant. Contact us today! 

Come Party at Mayfest

Come one, come all, to Fort Worth’s biggest party! Mayfest will be taking place May 4-7 along the Trinity River in Trinity Park. 

Join in on 33 acres of fun! There is plenty to do for everyone in the family. There will be live music, bounce houses, a petting zoo, carnival rides, performing arts groups, zip-lining, rock-climbing, an art & gift market, and more! 

214 Eats - April 2.jpeg

There are 7 stages of entertainment! 7!!!! And 3 stages solely dedicated to music! 

The Main Stage, Art Stage, and Riverbank Stage are the music stages. The Main Stage is geared toward everyone. Many different genres will be performed. The Art Stage will focus specifically on bluegrass and jazz. The Riverbank Stage will focus on Country Western and Texas Country. Around 40 bands will be performing over the 4 day period, so you are sure to hear something you like!

The other 4 stages will be showcasing a wide variety of performing arts. Get ready for some tap dancing, Ballet, hip-hop, martial arts, and more! The Frost Zone Stage, the Tom Thumb Children’s Stage, the Sports Stage, and the Leisure Time Stage are where you will find the performing arts entertainment! 

Are you a foodie like we are at 214 Eats? Mayfest has something for you! Since 2014, Mayfest has had the “Best of the Fest” Food Vendor Contest. Mayfest Food Vendors will submit dishes and concoctions in various categories for judges (local chefs and celebrities) to sample on Thursday afternoon. Once the results are revealed the vendors will display their awards on the front of their booths. If you’d like to unofficially judge (we definitely will be!) pick up a Mayfest “Food-Crawl” Map to taste everything yourself! 

There is so much more to do at Mayfest, so be sure to check it out! If you visit on Thursday, May 4th, its FREE in celebration of Mayfest’s 45th Anniversary! On May 5-7 it will cost $5 for Children 3-12, $8 for Adults 13+, and $5 for Adults 60+. Children 2 and under are FREE! Parking costs $10/car in every lot. Don’t miss out! 

Improve Your Online Reputation: Social Powered Wi-Fi

Looking for new ways to engage your restaurant’s customer base? Struggling with generating online traffic for your restaurant’s homepage? Is your restaurant’s online reputation hurting? Let 214 Eats help! 

Our latest tool in online reputation management is here! Social Powered Wi-Fi! 

Social Powered Wi-Fi provides free Wi-Fi to your restaurant customers! When customers login to your restaurant’s free Wi-Fi, they will be prompted to login by using their email or social media account. Now you have their email, and they are connected to your restaurant’s homepage and will encourage them to write a review, check out your latest specials, or simply just “like” your page. All of these improve your restaurant’s online reputation management! 

But how? How does Social Powered Wi-Fi improve your restaurant’s online reputation? 

First, Social Powered Wi-Fi encourages positive reviews. The Social Powered Hotspot can direct customers to your restaurant’s review page. If the customer is enjoying their experience, they should not have any trouble jotting down a 5-star review!

By using Social Powered Wi-Fi you are collecting your customers’ emails. This enables you to provide them with targeted promotions, coupons, and messages. By emailing your customers personalized emails, you are optimizing their customer experience. Customers will be more likely to be return customers and start to create loyalty to your restaurant. 

One of the most beneficial ways Social Powered Wi-Fi can improve your restaurant’s online reputation, is connecting with customers’ social media accounts. When customers login to your restaurant’s free Wi-Fi, 214 can set it up so customers must “check in” to your restaurant to use it. This allows you to connect with a broader range of potential customers. 

Social Powered Wi-Fi is an incredible tool to boost your restaurant’s online reputation! Interested in learning more? Watch our video! 

Let 214 Eats help! Contact us today! 

Are Online Reviews Hurting Your Restaurant?

Believe it or not, online reviews make a huge impact on sales and customer retention! According to statistics put out by, positive reviews can increase your sales by 18%! However, according to the Harvard Business Review, every unanswered negative online review can cost your restaurant almost $7,000 annually. If I were you, I’d be double checking my online presence right about now. 

Customers rely on feedback from others to decide whether your restaurant is worth their time. Every positive review creates more trust between your restaurant and a potential customer. If other people like it, then surely they will too! 

Negative reviews are something that need to be handled quickly and professionally. For every negative review nearly 25% of potential customers will not eat at your restaurant. Yikes! That percentage increases as the number of negative reviews increase. 

Negative reviews need to be responded to in a helpful and pleasant way. If the review has you fired up, take some time and process then come back and respond. You do not want to add more fuel to the fire by engaging in an argument. Most customers and potential customers won’t write you off if they see that you genuinely care and take the time to address potential problems. 

It’s your job to ensure they like what they see online, but how do you do that? Let us help! 214 Eats is an expert in online restaurant reputation management in Dallas. We want your restaurant to succeed as much as you do! 

At 214 Eats, we use software to detect every review and mention that is left about your restaurant. We will manage your online restaurant reputation with objective and positive review responses written by humans. 

Give us a shot! Request a Demo today! See for yourself how 214 Eats can improve your online restaurant reputation!

For more information on online review statistics, please see the infographic by below: 

St. Paddy's Pickle Parade & Palooza

Mansfield’s St. Paddy’s Pickle Parade & Palooza is this weekend, March 17-18! You do not want to miss this! At 214 Eats, we are always looking for unique eats. The St. Paddy’s Pickle Parade & Palooza definitely qualifies as unique! 

Start the weekend off by heading on over Friday, March 17, to see “Red River” starring John Wayne at the Farr Best Theater. Admission is FREE. 

Saturday morning kicks off with the Methodist Mansfield Pickle 10K, 5K and Kids K followed by the opening of the Food Court, Camp Anothen Kids Korner Stage, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, ShenaniGuns Comedy Show, the Beer Tent, and the Run 4 Cover Band. 

At noon, make your way to Main Street to watch the Pet Parade. Soon after, at 1 PM, keep your eyes focused on Main Street for the World’s Only St. Paddy’s Pickle Parade! With more than 90 entries, you are sure to be entertained! 

Make sure you shop through the Pickle Market! More than 70 unique vendors are setting up to sell arts & crafts, food, and other retail. You will find canned pickles, pickle t-shirts, and more! 

Take the kids over to the Pickle Playground! The kids will enjoy seeing the animals at the petting zoo, burning energy in the bounce houses, getting their faces painted, playing games, or creating a craft. The best part? It’s FREE! The playground is closed during the parade but is open from 10 AM - 12:30 PM & 2:30 PM - 6 PM.

Do you LOVE pickles? There are contests!!! Enter to be the fastest to eat a whole jar of pickles! Or maybe the fastest to drink a jar of pickle juice! Or maybe you can eat the most fried pickles! If you love pickles, there is a contest for you!! Contests are FREE, but you must be at least 16 years old to participate. Sign up on parade day! 

The St. Paddy’s Pickle Parade & Palooza is a one-of-a-kind event you cannot miss, and it is FREE! There is no way you can pass this up! See ya there! 

Utilizing Restaurant SEO Content

Restaurant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Content is a key way to broadcast your restaurant across the internet. At 214 Eats, we know every restaurant is unique. We strive to deliver quality Restaurant SEO Content and make sure your website content is fresh. This will allow your restaurant to achieve higher organic rankings on search engines. 

We utilize website authority and search engine rankings to compile an unique marketing strategy for your restaurant. The website authority is essentially a quality score of your website and how well it is optimized. However, the website authority is difficult to directly influence. The quality of links, visits, time-on-site, social media shares, and the age of your restaurant’s domain. 

At 214 Eats, we generate your unique Restaurant SEO Content based off what you, the restaurant owner, want emphasized in search engines and your website. This ensures your website will only show up in searches relevant to your restaurant. You don’t want to lose visitors because the website they found wasn’t what they were expecting. 

Our writers at 214 Eats are creative and inventive. They ensure the Restaurant SEO Content written will be engaging, relevant, and original. Original content is important for search engine ranking and website authority. It gives your website a better chance at ranking high with search engines, and, when posted regularly, will feed back into your overall website authority. 

Features 214 Eats offers for Restaurant SEO Content Generation are SEO keyword analysis & mapping, website SEO infusion, 2 SEO-rich blog articles per month, homepage blog display with instant updates, social blog pushes, and monthly SEO keyword reporting. 

At 214 Eats, we strive to deliver fresh, unique, and relevant Restaurant SEO Content to ensure your restaurant’s website is reaching its full potential. Want to learn more? Contact us today to get started!

Marketing Strategies to Boost Revenue

At 214 Eats we strive to assist restaurants in increasing their revenue. One of the ways to do this is by good ole marketing. However, in today’s world there are so many different marketing strategies. You can choose from old fashioned coupons or modern social media. What works? 

Snapchat Filters

One of the fun features of Snapchat are the filters you can apply to your pictures. Your restaurant can have a Snapchat filter made with your brand that can be used within a certain area around your restaurant. Millions of people will see the pictures “snapped” with your restaurant’s filter, and it encourages people to visit. Easy peasy! 


Social Media Contests

So you advertise on social media? How much business is that bringing you? Switch it up by creating a contest! Create a hashtag, and once a week enter everyone that has used that hashtag into a drawing for a discounted meal! 


Host a Special Event

Special events don’t have to be fancy. Something as simple as “Family Night” or “Taco Tuesday” where you have discounted menu items! You can also invite special guests, such as a balloon artist or a popular character. 



Emails are basically free. Why don’t more restaurants take advantage of this? Keep your customers informed about meal specials or updates by sending an email! Attaching a coupon to your email is another great way to bring the customers in. 


Profit Shares

Profit shares a great way to bring in business and support your community. For every purchase you give a percentage of the profits to the organization you’re partnering with. This also brings in a lot of new customers. People that have never eaten at your restaurant but attend the school you are supporting will be sure to stop in! 


The biggest thing is, if it isn’t working let it go. There isn’t any point in you wasting time and resources on an idea that doesn’t work!

Interested in learning more? Contact us at 214 Eats! We will help you make your restaurant name known! 

3rd Annual Brewery Chili Cook-Off

This weekend Luck at Trinity Oaks will be hosting the 3rd Annual North Texas Craft Beer and Chili Challenge benefiting the North Texas Food Bank! 

For the third time, North Texas breweries are coming together to compete in a chili cook-off! So far over 30 breweries have signed up!

The cook-off takes place on Sunday, February 19, from 12 PM - 4 PM. 

As a requirement, breweries will have to include one of their beers in their chili. So you know every chili will be different! 

There will be 2 winners, a ‘People’s Choice’ award and a winner picked by the judges. The winning brewery will have their chili featured as a special on Luck’s menu for a limited time. 

For $10 you will receive 10 cups and a spoon so you can try the chilis and vote on your favorite! Also, every $10 will get you a ticket in the raffle for brewery swag. Proceeds from the sales of cups and spoons will go to the North Texas Food Bank. 

The North Texas Food Bank is a non-profit relief organization that provides access to 190,000 meals every day for the hungry. In the 2016 fiscal year, they provided access to 70 million meals. The North Texas Food Banks hopes to provide access to 92 million meals annually by 2025.

Guest judges for the chili cook-off include Chef Uno from Chino Chinatown at Trinity Groves, Pitmaster Taylor Morgan from Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery, Chef David Pena from Braindead Brewing, Tiney Ricciardi from GuideLive, Chef Alex Henderson from Small Brewpub, Brian Brown from Beer in Big D, Jordy Jordan from Big D Barbecue and Cowtown Brewing Company, Chef Chad Kelley from Barley & Board, and Sunnye Childers from DFW Drinks Beer. 

Live music will be performed at the event by Paco Estrada and Jenna Clark.  

Come out this Sunday for a time of fun, music, and more importantly, chili! 

Take Your Valentine Cruising

Want to do something special for Valentine’s but at a loss of what to do? Go on a cruise! 

No, we don’t mean a 7 day 6 night cruise (we wish!) but a sweet 2 hour Valentine’s Cruise on Lake Grapevine! Perfect for you and your sweetheart! 

Put on by Arispop, the Valentine’s Cruise will serve a 3 course meal at a private table, feature live music, and have a comedy performance. Cruises are available Friday, February 10 through Tuesday, February 14. You don’t have to go out on Valentine’s Day to do something special!

214 Eats - February 1.jpg

The 3 course meal starts with an Elegant Citrus Salad with simple sweet vinaigrette. The second course is your choice between the Honey Run Chicken, the Tender Touch Beef, or the Tantalizing Tilapia. All 3 are served with a seasoned vegetable medley, wild pilaf, and an artisan roll. The third course, dessert, is your choice between Cheesecake with Berry Sauce, Triple Chocolate Cake topped with Fresh Strawberry and Chocolate Drizzle, or a Lemon Mouse Cake. 

Drinks available will include Passion Tea, Hibiscus Lemonade, and Water. You are encouraged to bring your own alcohol. A bartender will be available with mixers if you need it. 

Different bands and comedians will be performing depending on the day you cruise. 

You can choose between seating in the Main Cabin ($149 per couple) or the Top Deck ($129 per couple). You will not be able to see the band from the Top Deck, but you will be able to hear the music and dance. 

Packages are also available to add a night at a hotel for a special getaway! The Cruise and a night at the Embassy Suites Hotel is $299 per couple, and the Cruise and night at the Gaylord Texan Resort is $389 per couple. 

This sweet Valentine’s Cruise is perfect for a romantic time with your special Valentine! Don’t be caught without planning anything! 

Yoga & Breakfast Anyone?

Have you already failed at your New Years Resolution to work out and get healthy? No worries! 214 Eats has just the thing to get you back at it! 

Starting this Saturday at the Dallas Farmers Market, and continuing every Saturday in February, you can attend Yoga & Breakfast

Yoga is being offered by V12 Yoga Studio for all skill levels. From 8-9 AM starting Saturday, February 4, you can attend an INDOOR class. Yoga is a perfect exercise to help tone your body while relaxing and meditating. 

After the class a delicious breakfast will be served, provided by one of the Dallas Farmers Market’s incredible restaurants. The restaurant providing breakfast will change every Saturday. 


Saturday, February 4 - Rex’s Seafood at the Dallas Farmers Market

You will get to choose between the Seaside Omelette, the Crab Cake Benedict, or the Cajun Shrimp and Grits. All options are served with Fresh Fruit and a Mimosa.


Saturday, February 11 - Laili

You will be served an Egg Skillet Wrap filled with your choice of Ribeye, Chicken, or Vegetarian. Your Egg Skillet Wrap will be served with a slice of Custard French Toast and a Turkish or American Coffee. 


Saturday, February 18 - Palmieri Cafe

You will get to choose one Italian Savory Pastry from the following: Calzone, Rustico, or Cornetta Salato. This will be served with your choice of any coffee drink of the menu and 2 prepackaged sweet pastries to take home. 


Saturday, February 25 - Nammi Food Truck and Stocks & Bondy

You will receive a Vietnamese inspired pairing of an 8oz cup of Artisan Bone Broth and a Breakfast Egg Banh Mi (served with cilantro, cucumber, jalapeño, pickled daikon carrots & garlic mayo on a freshly baked French baguette). 


You must pre-register for this event. Tickets are $30. Call 214.664.9110, ext 304 to reserve your spot. You can sign up for 1 week, or all 4! 

Do not miss this delicious event to help you get back into shape! 

Time to Sizzle at ZestFest

It’a little too cold outside, time to add some spice and sizzle to your winter! The 11th Annual ZestFest is this weekend, January 27-29, in Irving! 

ZestFest is a spicy weekend that strives to compile vendors that bring the heat. The spiciest exhibitors with inventory from all over the country will be in Irving for all of us foodies who crave bold and flavorful! Events include celebrity chefs cooking up some demonstrations, samples, interactive contests, and live music. 

Celebrity chefs that will be in attendance include Jon Bonnell (from Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine and Buffalo Brothers), Eddie Deen, Loreal Gavin, Aryen Moore-Alston, Bryan McLarty, Peter Mollett, and Eduardo Alvarez. During their cooking demonstrations you will be able to get tips and ask questions to better your own cooking skills! 

Participate in sizzling competitions such as the jalapeño eating contest or Wingstop’s Atomic wing eating contest. You can also watch competitions between foodie rivals and see the winners of the Fiery Food Challenge (this competition happens earlier in the week). 

The Wingstop Atomic Wing Challenge will take place on Saturday, January 28, from 1 PM to 2 PM. The Grand Prize Winner will take home a Big Screen TV. You must register at the WingStop Booth (Booth 338) by noon on January 28 to compete. 

ZestFest is open on Friday, January 27, from 1 PM to 7 PM, Saturday, January 28, from 10 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday, January 29, from 10 AM to 5 PM. 

Tickets cost $15 at the door and include beer and liquor samplings, tastings, all of the cooking demonstrations, and entertainment. 10 years and younger are free! 

ZestFest is located at the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas and produced by Spicy Food Productions. 

So make plans to add spice and sizzle to your weekend! Head on out to ZestFest for a great time! 

Dallas Brew Bus Takes Off!

Do you need a break? A day out with friends? 214 Eats has a great idea for you! The Dallas Brew Bus takes off THIS SATURDAY, January 21, 2017, at 11:30 AM, and you need to be on it! 

The Dallas Brew Bus will be visiting 4 different breweries, Legal Draft, Collective, Hop Fusion, & Community Beer Co, and you will be able to taste samples at each! 

Legal Draft was started in 2015 by Greg McCarthy and Curt Taylor because they believe Texas doesn’t have enough craft beer. Thus, Legal Draft in Arlington was founded. 

Collective, located in Fort Worth, describes themselves as “an unholy marriage of production brewery and badass taproom.” They want their customers to be able to enjoy their taproom, talk beer, play games, each snacks, and sample craft beer you can’t find anywhere else. 

Hop Fusion, also in Fort Worth, uses innovation and art to inspire their brewery. Founders, Macy Moore and Matt Hill, desire for Hop Fusion to be an experience, not just a place to taste some great beer (even though you can do that too).  

The tour will conclude at Community Beer Co in Dallas. They strive to produce high quality craft brews while creating an environment where you can enjoy your community, good company and great beer. 

During each stop Dallas Brew Bus guides will teach and inform you on the ever growing craft brewing movement happening in North Dallas. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have about brewing. 

There will also be food trucks parked at the breweries, so you will have a chance to enjoy some tasty treats along your tours (not included in your ticket price). 

The cost of a ticket includes a seat on the bus, complimentary samples at each brewery, a snack provided by LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen), and a commemorative souvenir glass. 

Tickets cost $60. You MUST be 21 or older to attend. They will be checking IDs. 

Dallas Brew Bus will take off from the Community Beer Co, located at 1530 Inspiration Dr, Dallas, TX75707 (by the Community sign). 

See you on Saturday!